India's Mission to Mars, year 2025

by newuser09876 6. September 2008 12:04


It was the morning of a sunny day in February month, not too hot and not too cold. I was sitting in my lawn that is fully covered with fresh green grass. On the boundary of lawn there are plants with a variety of flowers in their full bloom. I was sitting in the lawn on NeelKamal chair and was reading the newspaper of the day. Since it was Sunday, the newspaper contained a lot of pullouts and Sunday magazine. While I was reading it I felt to have a tea. I kept the paper aside and poured the tea into my cup from kettle, that was laying just in front of me on table. With a little sip I felt like being in heaven, I was enjoying the hot tea. After taking few more sips, I started reading newspaper again.


The newspaper contained the latest news that India that is a superpower has launched its 5th manned mission to Mars. Before this India has launched the missions to Mars with robots. These robots has sent detailed information about the Mars and its environment and other conditions needed for supporting the life there. After analyzing this received data from robots, India has sent a manned mission that is fully equipped with the devices and other machines that can enable them to stay on Mars for more than a month. The mission contained 20 persons that were expert in different fields like science, aeronautical, electricians, mechanics, computer professionals, telecommunication engineers and many other experts. Being an Indian It was a time of being proud of my nations achievement. Also as I have interest in astronomy and technology related to astronomy, I was very happy on this great leap of Human kind toward the life on some other planet in universe.


The entire mission started with the launch of a special spaceship developed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization of India). It used the ancient Indian scriptures to create the ship. The space ship was designed in such a way that it could be used to move between Earth and any other planet very easily, requiring no separate rocket for launching as was required with the space shuttle of US. The space ship was powered with the nuclear energy. The nuclear fuel that was used in the ship was capable of generating enormous energy in very small time to give great push needed to escape the earth's gravitational pull. And it didn't required frequent refueling. The shape of the ship was round like a soccer. In our school days we used to read about such ships that were call flying soccer or UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Now, it was no longer as UFO for us, but UFO for any living being that might have been present on Mars. But, till now the complex form of life could not be discovered on the Mars. Only some bacteria kind microorganisms have been discovered that gave boost to the idea of supporting complex life on the Mars too.


I recalled the old days of 2008, when India was a developing nation. That was the time when everybody in India was struggling to make it a developed nation. The leaders of the nation were showing us the dream of making the country a developed nation by 2020. The peoples of India were making great contribution to the humanity by providing their knowledge and expertise in the areas of science and technology. That was the time when India was counted in the great IT power. The Indians were working in most of the prestigious companies of world at that time. This was the time when India was thinking of sending its first ever mission to moon called 'CHANDRAYAN', that was successfully executed later. After that the infrastructure in India got improved and Indian youth got good opportunities within the country. That was the time when India started its journey toward being a developed nation. The improvement was visible, the GDP of country soared up. Rest of the world found India as a great place for investment. The superpowers and other allied nation came forward in favor of India and provided their support. India was the country whose nuclear program was supported by most of the nations even when it was not a signatory to the nuclear treaties. This was because the world knew about the peaceful and responsible nature of Indians. This was also the period when its neighboring nation China developed and test fired the Anti Satellite Missile. This was the time when Indian forces were talking about having a aerospace command for India, that can counter any attack from space. But still India kept working for the peaceful purpose without getting engaged into the weapon race. And this great thinking lead to such an advancements in India that it is now capable of launching its ships to various planets in the world.


While I was thinking this all, I suddenly heard a friendly and well known Beep-Beep sound in my ear. It was my alarm clock showing me the time 6:30 AM and it was 31 Aug, 2008. Then, I realized it was a dream, I started my daily routines to reach office. But, I am in strong belief that its not just a dream seen while sleeping. Its my dream, your dream and probably the dream of every Indian who wants to live in a developed India, who wants to see India leading the entire world to the zenith of science and technology, who wants to see India unfurling the flag of human victory, who wants to see India taking the man to new horizons. So, I am closing down this today with a dream in mind to see 'The Developed India' even before 2020 and reading the above news again, and that’s too in reality.

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it was also my dream to see india a developed country......

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